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My life before plunging into photography in a rather obsessed way was always involved with people of all ages. A private marriage and family counseling practice was entered into after teaching high school and community college classes in English and Psychology. I've always loved my work and, fortunately, my passion now centers on photographing people, places, and anything else that intrigues me at the moment. Generally, there are at least two cameras within my reach. I've always shot cameras but not seriously until about 8 years ago when I took my first of many classes. I became passionate/obsessed and am still striving to learn and do new things regularly. I love the beauty of this world and love sharing it with others.... just in case they might miss it! I love doing portraiture and showing males and females just how beautiful they truly are!
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“Mary Lou Johnson's work is beautiful almost beyond description. She captures the poetry and soul of her subjects, and each photograph is a work of art. I have known her for decades, and I know how much commitment and professionalism she has always brought to everything she undertakes. Without reservation, I recommend her integrity, her vivacity and her talent.” July 17, 2010 Kathleen O'Brien Pynn, Author

“Mary Lou is strong fine art photographer with exceptional depth and a creative outlook. I've had the pleasure of consulting with her on ideas and projects and each occasion has been a creative delight. Moreover, Mary Lou is a person of character and quality leadership.” July 15, 2010 Bob Killen, Owner, Bob Killen Fine Art Photography

“Mary Lou's commitment to a cause shows up not just through her photography, but also through her involvement. She serves on the board for both my organization - Mote Marine Laboratory - and a neighboring non-profit. I most often encounter Mary Lou at fundraising events for one or the other of these groups where she can be found coordinating activities, bringing in auction items, and donating photography from her very own collection. Her enthusiasm rapidly spreads to those around her, and I believe she could support any cause that is truly deserving for which she has a real passion.” July 14, 2010 Krystle Harvey, Intern Coordinator, Mote Marine Laboratory

“Mary Lou's photography is stunning. She captures wildlife and people in a unique and personal way. Her photographs not only leave you looking at a beautiful image, but with a strong feeling as well. I recommend Mary Lou's photography to anyone who enjoys photos with an artistic perspective.” July 13, 2010 Sandy McLaughlin, Corporate Gifts & Special Events Manager, Florida Aquarium

“Mary Lou is an exceptional human being, full of energy and enthusiasm for life. This energy is reflected in everything she does, whether working to better her community or capturing the essential essence in a slice of time through her beautiful photography.” July 13, 2010 Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Founder, National ParentNet Association

“Mary Lou's passion for children and families, clear insights and direct approach to problem solving have been invaluable assets for ParentNet. It has been a pleasure serving on the Board with her.” July 13, 2010 Tim Johnstone, Board Member, Past Board President, National ParentNet Association

“Mary Lou brings a lifetime of artistic talent to her projects. Her ability to see the “extraordinary” shows again and again in her photographic work. Her passion for nature and the environment is evident. While Mary Lou excels at photography, she is also generous with her time and talent throughout the community. She is deeply committed to making a positive difference in the world.” July 13, 2010 Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative Laurin Ripley


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