Private Portrait Clients

Mary Lou Johnson Photography

Photography Session Creation Fee
Your Creation fee is due when the appointment is made.

Deluxe Session – $500.
This is ideal for families or groups fewer than 7 people. A $500 deposit is required to reserve the date and time. For a Longboat Key location, $300 will be applied towards your print/canvas purchase - for other locations, $200 will be applied towards your print/canvas purchase.

Multi Family Session - $500
Designed for large family groups of 8 or more usually including grandparents, siblings with their spouses and children. A $500 deposit will reserve the time and date for you. For a Longboat Key location, $200 will be applied towards your print/canvas purchase - for other locations, $100 will be applied towards your purchase The object here is to achieve a high quality portrait of the entire group, then images of each individual family group and individuals. Also, a variety of other groupings is included, such as all grandchildren with grandparents, children with Mom/Dad, just siblings, etc.

Appointment Time
We work by appointment only. Depending upon the circumstances, we may block anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes for your session.

Viewing Images
Your images will be ready to view within two weeks of photo session. All viewing is by appointment only. Your images will be professionally edited into a slideshow for you to make your selections. Please come to the viewing session with a check prepared to make all your final decisions. Experience has taught us that the selection process is much easier when you can leave the children with a sitter.

The Finishes
Canvas is wrapped around stretcher bars-ready to hang.
Canvas: images 11x14 and larger.
Gallery: All Gallery prints are completely professionally retouched, then finished with a protective laminate.
. Minor retouching is included.

About Retouching
Minor retouching is included on all prints, regardless of size, and includes removal of small bruises, scratches, baby drool, and mosquito bites on children. For adults it would include removal or toning down of lines, wrinkles, blemishes, stray hair, or glare on glasses. It is necessary to alert us to any retouching you would like, so we don’t miss anything, or accidentally retouch something that you want left alone. Major retouching, such as swapping heads between images, is included on all images 16x20 and larger. For images 11x14 and smaller, head swapping is $100 per head.

The Negatives and Digital Files
All negatives and digital files remain the property of MLJohnson Studio.
MLJohnson Studio retains all the rights and privileges associated with the copyright laws concerning the images created by this studio. It is illegal- a federal offense-to copy or reproduce in any form, any image made by MLJohnson Studio without the express written consent of MLJohnson Studio.

Black & White Imaging
With today’s technology, many more options are now available to our clientele. If you wish to have black and white images, we can create your images in B&W or in color giving you the final choice of which medium you want for your images. We’re pleased to announce that there is no additional charge for this and your print prices are the same, whether you order color or black and white!
Selective Tinting- Sepia--(adding faint color to selected areas of a black and white image) is priced according to degree of difficulty. Quotes for Selective Tinting are available upon request.


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