Client's Recommendations

Mary Lou, we love your photo “Morning Ritual”. It gives me pleasure seeing it every day and it was also a pleasure doing business with you. You made it easy and were very gracious to invite us into your home to complete the transaction. I rate it a 12 on a scale of 1 – 10 and you can quote me.
All the best,
Dick de Bear

Hi Mary Lou,
Alan and I are enjoying our photo over a mantle in our Cape Cod cottage. We love looking at the peaceful Gulf with the seabirds in the foreground "Sunrise Seabirds." We spend our winters at Banyan Bay and we walk the beach is a wonderful memory! We also enjoyed your art exhibit at Plymouth Harbor this past winter, as a painter of watercolor and oil I appreciate your art work very much. Thanks for sharing, Alyce McLaughlin

We love you and your photography! Mom and I had a lovely time seeing your collection that day! Thank you for packing the canvases as well as you did. They made it up to Baltimore without damage. When I visit in August, I'll take photos of the "Dingy" and "Heron" so you can see how great they look in Dean's place and George & Hillary's condo. Demetri hasn't moved into his apartment yet, so the "Sailboats" are still under my bed. I'm looking forward to your work from the Greece trip! XXOO, Eleni

I've always thought of you as being a "genuine" sweetheart, so my opinion of you could not be any better; and, the 3 canvas wraps I purchased from you look absolutely GREAT.
Thanks again, Bill

Hi Mary Lou,
Thank you so much for the express service! We had such a good time looking at the pics and
commenting! Meike, Bill and Hanne came over too and had the same comments!
We loved your work and thanks so much, that we don't haveto ship the pictures! You've done an outstanding job!
How can I thank you for this special service?
Hugs, hugs, hugs Gabi


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