Fuller Center for Housing was founded by Millard Fuller who also founded Habitat for Humanity. Check my photos under El Salvador build and the Lanett Celebration Build.
For a great time, come build houses! If that isn't possible, this is a worthwhile nonprofit to donate to. Pass this link on to those who may be interested in building and/or donating!

Mote Marine
The National ParentNet Association is a nonprofit organization which brings parents together in schools of all levels to become better parents. Check the site for information on how to start a group in your child's school and many free tips on parenting. Many helpful resources are listed.
If you use Photoshop, you need this site and the $99/year membership for NAPP. It has it all.
Excellent photographer, instructor, author! Check out site for his books, tips, techniques, articles, tutorials, etc. Daily blog is always helpful! Great guy!

Sarasota Bay Watch
Sarasota Bay Watch is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to preserving and restoring Sarasota Bay's ecosystem through community education and citizen participation. Get involved!

Save Our Seabirds
Save Our Seabirds is an incredible non-profit with a small staff and an army of wonderful volunteers who work with Lee Fox to rescue, rehab, and release injured/ill birds of all kinds. Check out the website and donate and/or volunteer. Very worthwhile!
Awesome Photo Blog and so much more. NAPP (Natl. Assoc. of Photoshop Professionals) -- all things photoshop and digital photography. Scott shares it all in his own fun style. Don't miss it.