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Question   Your work
Mary Lou...
Wow! My boss just gave me a copy of your book, The Lure of Longboat Key. Your work is amazing. I visist LBK two times every year. With the beautiful pictures included in this book, I feel like I'm there now, too!
I'll plan a visit to your studio while I'm there in May!

- Randy Miles December 14, 2015

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Question   Moon photos
I love your "moon photos". Are any available as prints?

- Richard Payne January 24, 2015

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Mrs. Johnson,

Thank you for speaking to me on Dec 6 2014.
It is always great for an artist to meet another artist, and meeting you was so inspiring. I would love to sit and chat about your artwork, and have you check out my work. If you are inclined it would mean a lot to me. As I told you when I chatted briefly, I lived and worked in Europe for 24 years, and now I am living in Sarasota and re-inventing my work into scenic work. In reading your bio, you also re-invented yourself.Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. Keep up the great work.

- Eric Griffith December 07, 2014

  Answer Hi Eric,
I enjoyed talking to you as well. I will be at the Centre Shops on Longboat Key today signing books and next Saturday, Jan. 31, will be signing books on Main Street at Abe's Book Store. "On the Beach" exhibition of my work is at Sarasota Bay Club this month. Hope you can stop by!

- Mary Lou Johnson  January 24, 2015

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Question   BEACH ENTRY
Saw your work at Southgate Mall and loved it. Do you sell prints? If so then I am interested in Beach Entry.

- Kathleen Hudson May 10, 2013

  Answer Thank you, Kathleen! I'm so glad you love it! Yes, I sell my images as archival prints and canvas wraps. You can email me through the website-- click on "Contact Me" and it will be a direct email. Just include your phone and I'll call you.
I look forward to meeting you!
Mary Lou

- Mary Lou Johnson  May 10, 2013


- stanley brown  February 25, 2014

  Answer Thank you so much, Stan! That means a lot to me. I'll be signing books at the Sarasota Wildlife Art Festival Sat. March 1. It's in the area between Mote and Save Our Seabirds this weekend. Come by and spread the word!
Thank you! Mary Lou

- Mary Lou Johnson  February 26, 2014

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Question   Your Compositions and Point of View
Hi Marylou!

I am really enjoying looking at your photographs. I see a very nice sense of balance in your compositions and very interesting color notes. I love the mono-toned photography with atmospheric perspective. As a painter, I have learned to shoot paintings when I photograph and I see many paintings in your work. Interesting entries and the lines of movement to the focal point grabs my interest. Thank you,
Diane Lynne Chanako

- Diane Lynne Chanako-Turner January 02, 2012

  Answer Hi Diane,
Thank you for browsing my website and for your kind specific comments. I just finished an exhibition of 40 pieces on canvas, "Ignite the Spirit!" in Sarasota, Florida.
Three of my pieces have been chosen by PPA, the Professional Photographers of America, for their International Exhibition in New Orleans in January if you are in the area. Thank you again!
Are you in Florida?

- Mary Lou Johnson  January 02, 2012

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Question   Beautiful pictures
Mary Lou, what beautiful pictures. Each one took me to a different place in time. I could just imagine the joy you had in observing the surroundings you were in. Thanks for bringing this to all of us.

Mary Donato

- Mary Donato July 02, 2010

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Question   Visiting the site
Mary Lou, it was a joy to spend time here on your gorgeous site! You've really captured the beauty of the favorite place. What an amazing talent you have!

- Kathleen O'Brien April 19, 2010

  Answer Kathy,
Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the visit. It is a work in progress as I'm always adding to it. The beach is definitely my favorite place to be, too. I'll go anywhere but love coming back to the beach... any beach! It fills me up! The intro is Randi and Erica... my two favorite models... who also love the beach!
I'd love for you to come to my next show. It will be in June and July on Longboat Key. Convenient!!

- Mary Lou Johnson  April 20, 2010

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Question   Such talent Marylou... Wow!!
Your work is so sensitive and enlightening. I love your passion for life.
Kenny and I are honored to have met you.
You are a gift to our universe...
Leah Soderblom

- Leah Soderblom March 21, 2010

  Answer Wow.... thank you! How does one respond to that??? You both are so talented and I can't wait to see a video on SOS!
I'm so glad I met you both. I look forward to seeing you at SOS.

- Mary Lou Johnson  March 21, 2010

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Question   Bravo Mary Lou
Hi Mary Lou,

Sorry I missed your opening. Had a family issue come up. I love your work and I'm hoping to still get to your show before it ends. Congratulations!! Love and Blessings, Debra

- Debra Duvoisin February 13, 2010

  Answer Thank you for visiting my site!
I'm guessing you are referring to my guest blog on Rick Sammon's blog?
I'm hoping you and others might give it a shot if you haven't and send your favorite images in to compete. Let me know what comes of it if you do! Good luck!!
Mary Lou

- Mary Lou Johnson  September 09, 2011

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