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from Diane Lynne Chanako-Turner Your Compositions and Point of View

Hi Marylou!

I am really enjoying looking at your photographs. I see a very nice sense of balance in your compositions and very interesting color notes. I love the mono-toned photography with atmospheric perspective. As a painter, I have learned to shoot paintings when I photograph and I see many paintings in your work. Interesting entries and the lines of movement to the focal point grabs my interest. Thank you,
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from Mary Lou Johnson
on January 02, 2012
 Hi Diane,
Thank you for browsing my website and for your kind specific comments. I just finished an exhibition of 40 pieces on canvas, "Ignite the Spirit!" in Sarasota, Florida.
Three of my pieces have been chosen by PPA, the Professional Photographers of America, for their International Exhibition in New Orleans in January if you are in the area. Thank you again!
Are you in Florida?

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