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from Eric Griffith YOUR WORK IS AMAZING

Mrs. Johnson,

Thank you for speaking to me on Dec 6 2014.
It is always great for an artist to meet another artist, and meeting you was so inspiring. I would love to sit and chat about your artwork, and have you check out my work. If you are inclined it would mean a lot to me. As I told you when I chatted briefly, I lived and worked in Europe for 24 years, and now I am living in Sarasota and re-inventing my work into scenic work. In reading your bio, you also re-invented yourself.Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. Keep up the great work. Previous Response:
from Mary Lou Johnson
on January 24, 2015
 Hi Eric,
I enjoyed talking to you as well. I will be at the Centre Shops on Longboat Key today signing books and next Saturday, Jan. 31, will be signing books on Main Street at Abe's Book Store. "On the Beach" exhibition of my work is at Sarasota Bay Club this month. Hope you can stop by! 

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