The Lure of Longboat Key Second Edition Available Now
National Award Winning, featured at NY Book Expo

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Book Reviews "You may think you have seen Longboat Key, but you've never seen it like this."
~Robin Mackintosh, Philadelphia TV newscaster

"A talented photographer with a poet’s eye, Mary Lou Johnson has done something rare with The Lure of Longboat Key. She’s captured not just the "real" Florida, but also the magical Florida, the one we see in our dreams and carry in our hearts. Her pictures are tender, honoring fragile details of sea oat, coquina and mist. But they are also majestic, celebrating sunset explosions and cathedrals of clouds. They’re so vivid you will smell the salty air, feel the hot sand between your toes, and hear gulls calling over the fizz of the incoming tide. If you’ve ever lived in Florida, these pictures will take you home again. If you haven’t, this beautiful book is your chance."— Kathleen O’Brien, author
"I am often asked what makes Longboat Key a special destination. Mary
Lou's work conveys the essence of what Longboat Key has to offer. From
the magnificent beaches and the tranquility of the Gulf of Mexico with the
most memorable sunsets to the wildlife that has found this haven to
settle. Longboat Key provides the perfect location to reflect on what
Matters most to you." ~Jeff Mayers, Manager Longboat Key Club

The new book, The Lure of Longboat Key, by Mary Lou Johnson is beyond beautiful. It is absolutely striking. This highly talented photographer has captured settings beyond what most of us could have imagined even if we were looking at the real scene. Aside from appreciating the weather, looking through this book is better than being there. Everyone should have this book in their collection. ~ Bob and Pat Gussin, Oceanview Publishing

"Mary Lou Johnson's photography is breathtaking! Each photograph in her book captures the natural beauty of Longboat Key and entrances the viewer. You will realize why so many have fallen in love with the island! Mary Lou has "captured the moment" whether it is objects of nature or a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Each photo is a work of art and brings you into the scene. In addition, Mary Lou is wonderful to work with and has been a true inspiration for many people. I am so pleased that she is sharing her passion and talent in The Lure of Longboat Key."
~Mary Donato, President, Applied Principles

"If you have ever visited Longboat Key, or thought about it, Mary Lou’s
coffee table book will refresh your memories about the beauty of this island, or entice you to make that visit you have dreamed about. Mary Lou has a great vision that allows her to document the subtle patterns and nuances of a gulf island. Her photos demonstrate her command of shadow and light so necessary in creating three-dimensional images. The creation of so many special photographs documenting the soul and vibrance of Longboat Key and its residents reflects her skill as a professional photographer. I know you will enjoy browsing through these pages on many occasions." ~LeMoyne F. Johnson, M.D., president, Johnson PhotoImaging, Inc., Professional Photographers of America